Frequently asked questions
Who can contribute to the Fund?

SERVING and RETIRED Police officials:

Serving SAPS members contribute to the Fund by means of the Persal system, in other words, their membership fees are deducted from their salaries. Serving SAPS members who wish to become contributors to the Fund must complete a debit order to have their contributions deducted from their bank accounts.
Retired SAPS members must, on retirement, complete a new debit order form for “retired members”, which is obtainable from the Fund’s offices. The Fund deducts retired members’ contributions from their bank accounts annually. SAPS members who retire on pension or are declared medically unfit, or who retire with a severance package after more than ten years’ service may contribute to the Fund as retired members. In order to enjoy the benefits that the Fund offers, retired members must still contribute to the Fund AND be contributors at the time of death.
Note: Public Service Act personnel cannot become contributors to the Fund.

Who can apply for a grant from the Fund?
Widows, widowers or children of a deceased contributor to the Fund. To qualify for a grant widows and widowers must have proof that he/she was legally married to the contributor and has not remarried since the contributors death. Children’s grants will only be paid out if they can prove that the deceased contributor was their biological parent or legal guardian.

What benefits does the Fund offer to dependents of contributors?

  • Financial assistance to children up to the age of 19 years/Grade 12.
  • Financial assistance to disabled dependents for as long as necessary.
  • A once-off payment to a contributor’s widow/widower directly upon the contributor’s death – with respect to serving members only.
  • Widows/widowers who are financially in need may apply for a term allocation.
  • A free once-off mid-week holiday at Weesgerus Holiday Resort to the legal widow/widower of a deceased contributor.

What benefits does the Fund offer to contributors?

  • A special rate on accommodation at Weesgerus Holiday Resort (property of the Fund). A contributor must contribute to the Fund for at least six months before he/she qualifies for the discount.
How do my dependents claim from the Fund?
The Funds head office must be contacted (Tel: 012 348 1557) and be informed of the contributors death. The operators will then request the necessary documents where after a grant will be considered.

  • NB: Contributors are urged to inform their dependents of their membership and the procedures such dependents must take if the contributor passes away.
How much must I contribute?

Membership contributions are currently as follows:
Serving Police members – R45,00 p/m or R450,00 p/a
Retired Police members (annual payment) – R300,00

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