The widower or widow of the deceased member (Legal marriage certificate is required). This grant will cease with remarriage but the children will still receive a grant. The Fund must be notified ahead of time of the remarrying of the widow/widower to ensure that money due to him/her can be recovered.

  • Children to whom the deceased is the biological father;
  • Step children of the deceased;
  • Legally adopted children of the deceased – the adoption process must have started before the death of the member. (Confirmed by a legal adoption document)
Dependent children
Who are entitled to grants?

  • Dependent children registered on the deceased’s SAP 96 (Service record) / Polmed;
  • Children who were not registered on the deceased’s SAP 96 but were born within a legal marriage;
  • Children that were not born within a legal marriage but were registered on the deceased’s SAP 96 / Polmed (medical aid card);
  • Any other proof that the deceased member was the biological father of the child, will be considered;
  • All school going children that are under the age of 19 years old;
  • All preschool children;
  • Disabled children (no age restriction) – confirmed by a medical certificate yearly.

Ensure that your spouse has the Fund’s details: 163 Garsfontein road, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria, 0081 / PO Box 36280, Menlo Park, 0102 / Tel: 012 348 1557 /
Fax: 086 452 5413/14/16/18 /,, Make sure that your dependants are registered on your SAP 96 (employment register) or Polmed in order to expedite applications for allocations.